Electric Car Differential Gearbox Parts For Rear Axle

Electric Car Differential Gearbox Parts For Rear Axle

electric car differential
differential gear
rear drive axle
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Electric car differential


1. Simple in structure and durable in use.

2. High intensity and good leakproofness.

3. High machining accuracy to guarantee the stability.

4. Operates more smoothly with less power.


Product information

Product name: rear driving axle differential 

Brand Name:XULI

Material:Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron,etc

Automatic gearbox Type:162-A

Speed ratio:can be customized as OEM requested


Packing & Shipping:

Firstly,poly bags will used to do the first round pack, which can well protect the spare parts from the air. 
Then,paper box will be used in packing each box of products,which aims to avoid the strick of each other; 
Finally, nylon bags will be used again to do the outpack of the box,which can protect the paper box from getting wet from the air.

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Company information

We also have stand alone equipment and professional mold production department.Skilled technicians would test rear drive axle differential to ensure the product quality.


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