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Common types of motor shafts(1)
Dec 17, 2018

The shaft is an important part of the motor, which acts as the link between the electromechanical energy conversion between the motor and the equipment, supports the rotating parts, transmits the torque and determines the relative position of the rotating parts to the stator. Therefore, the motor shaft must have reliable strength and stiffness to ensure the realization of the preset design function. The following Ms. This paper briefly expounds various types of motor shafts and their characteristics, and provides reference for the selection and design of motor shafts.

Types of shafts and their applicability 

1.According to the axis there is no ladder classification. Can be divided into optical axis and step axis two kinds. The optical axis is often made of Lengla steel, which reduces the working hours of the outer circle of the machining shaft and is sometimes used in miniature motors.

The ladder shaft can be easily and securely fitted with many different parts, so most motors use this shaft. In the step shaft, depending on the direction of the ladder, it can be divided into a one-way ladder axis (step diameter decreases step by side from the end of the shaft to the other end) and a bidirectional ladder axis (the ladder diameter decreases from the middle to the ends of the axis).


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