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Common types of motor shafts(6)
Jan 03, 2019

Sort by axis shape. It can be divided into a solid shaft, an axis with deep holes at one end and an axis with a central through hole. Solid shafts are most commonly used in motors. The shaft with deep hole at one end is mainly used for winding asynchronous motor, so that the lead outlet on the rotor is connected through the collector ring inside the hole and outside the end cover.

The shaft with a central through hole is mainly used in large motors: in a double-water air-cooled turbogenerator, the center through hole is also used as part of the cooling water path. 


According to the axial conductivity magnetic classification. It can be divided into magnetic axis and non-conductive magnetic axis. The magnetic conductivity shaft is mainly used in Turbogenerator.

The axes of other motors usually do not require magnetic conductivity. 

Other classification methods. According to the number of shaft extension, can be divided into single axis extension and biaxial extension shaft, according to the purpose of bearing number, can be divided into single bearing shaft, double bearing transmission and multi-bearing shaft.

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