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Common types of motor shafts(3)
Dec 20, 2018

According to the shaft and the core of the combination of the way. It can be divided into the axis of the central roller, the heat-applied shaft and the axis with the keyway in the middle. Rolling shaft is used for small motors under 10-kilowatt, eliminating the work of processing health and keyway. But when the shaft is pressed into the core, it is easy to deform the shaft. In the operation of the motor, some rollers combine the rotor core to produce axial movement phenomenon.

This kind of axial deformation is caused by the combination of the core and the shaft, and the axial displacement is caused by the insufficient amount of the combined excess of the two. The middle part of the hot sleeve shaft is neither rolled nor keyway. There is a certain amount of excess between the shaft and the inner hole of the core, which is loaded into the rotating shaft while the core is in hot state.


As long as the excess selection is appropriate, the combination of the rotor core and the shaft is very reliable. The axis of the central band Keyway can be divided into a small motor with a section of a groove and a keyway with two segments, with a section of the keyway. Shafts with two-segment keyway are used in medium and large motors. The rotor core (or bracket) is combined with the shaft with a key. The axial of the core is fixed, one end increases with the convex shoulder, and the other end is stuck in the annular keyway on the shaft with an arc bond. This shaft can transmit a large torque, commonly used in larger power motors and in the operation of frequent positive and negative turn or rotor core should not be hot sleeve of the motor.

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