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Common types of motor shafts(2)
Dec 18, 2018

According to the axle Billet manufacturing method classification.

It can be divided into round steel shafts (shafts made of hot-rolled round steel car into), forged shafts (shafts made of forgings) and welded shafts (axes welded with radial bars). The shaft car into by hot-rolled round steel is the most common shaft in small and medium-sized motors. Shaft materials are commonly used in 45 high-quality carbon structural steels. For small power motors, some use Q235 ordinary carbon steel. The diameter of the blank should be selected according to the maximum diameter of the shaft plus the processing allowance.

Therefore, the amount of cutting is relatively large. 


A forged shaft should be used for shafts with diameters of more than 100 mm. Forged steel, with high mechanical strength, and forging the approximate shape of the ladder shaft, can save raw materials and cutting hours.

For large shafts with high mechanical strength requirements, such as the shaft of turbogenerator, alloy steel is commonly used for forging. The welding shaft replaces the rotor bracket with the radial bar, which can increase the ventilation area of the inner cavity of the rotor. However, when welding bars, it is easy to cause deformation of the shaft, after welding must be annealed treatment. It is not continuous cutting when machining on the machine tool, which is unfavorable to the tool. Due to the presence of welds, the fatigue strength of the shaft is significantly reduced, so it is not suitable for high-speed motors.

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