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gear transmission type
Dec 12, 2018

 (1) According to the relative position of the two axes and the direction of the gear teeth, can be divided into the following types: straight tooth cylindrical gear transmission, oblique tooth cylindrical gear transmission herringbone gear transmission, bevel gear transmission, staggered shaft helical gear transmission.    

(2) According to the working conditions of gears, can be divided into: open gear transmission type gear transmission, gear exposure, can not guarantee good lubrication.    

Semi-open gear drive, gear immersed in oil tank, there is a shield, but not closed.    

Closed gear transmission, gears, shafts and bearings are installed in the closed box, lubrication conditions are good, gray sand is not easy to enter, accurate installation, gear transmission has good working conditions, is the most widely used gear transmission.    

Gear drives can be classified according to the relative position of their axes.    

Gear transmission According to the shape of the gear can be divided into cylindrical gear transmission, bevel gear transmission, non-circular gear transmission, rack drive and worm drive. The tooth profile curve according to gear teeth can be divided into involute gear transmission, cycloid gear transmission and circular arc gear transmission. A drive consisting of more than two gears is called a wheel. According to whether there are axes moving gears in the wheel, the gear transmission can be divided into ordinary gear transmission and planetary gear transmission, and the gear with axis movement in the wheel is called planetary gears. Gear transmission can be divided into closed gear transmission calculation, open type and semi-open transmission according to its working conditions. Seal the transmission in the rigid box shell, and ensure good lubrication, called closed-type transmission, more use, especially the speed of the gear transmission, must adopt a closed drive. Open drive is exposed, can not guarantee good lubrication, only for low speed or not important transmission. The semi-open drive is somewhere in between.

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