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How to reduce the noise of gearbox?
Jan 17, 2019

1th, gear transmission, due to mutual collision or friction to provoke the vibration of the gear body and radiation out of the noise. If the noise is too large to see whether the gear parameters are reasonable, whether the tooth and tooth Base section error and tooth shape error is too large, the tooth side gap is too large, the surface roughness is large, etc. or gear hole position offset, tooth shape error is large, the gear noise is large, but the two are not simple linear relationship.

Gear machining, we must improve the gear accuracy can effectively reduce the noise of the gearbox.


2nd, to see whether the gearbox box structure is reasonable, the accuracy of the same requirements are very high, the gear box is a typical elastic structure system, it produces vibration and radiation noise under the dynamic load of the bearing, so the reasonable design of the structure and vibration characteristics of the box will help to reduce the noise of the gear system. For example, the design is based on the minimum vibration of the thin wall of the box, and the frequency constraint, stress constraint, geometric constraint and so on are the constraints, so that the vibration of the box wall is minimized under dynamic excitation, so as to reduce the noise radiation. In addition, in the design of the box structure, care should be taken to make the structural connection between the bearing support seat and the box pivot have sufficient stiffness to reduce the vibration of the system.

For large areas of thin wall, reinforcement should be set to reduce the amplitude of vibration noise

3rd, whether the gear material is reasonable, if a TePP gear is added to the gear set, the noise will be significantly reduced.

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