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Introduction to Helical Gear
Jul 11, 2018

Gears are often used in mechanical transmission of a commonly used parts, gears using high-quality high-strength alloy steel, surface carburizing hardening treatment, strong bearing capacity, durable. In practical application, helical gears are widely used in high speed and heavy duty because of their stable transmission, small impact, vibration and noise.

Helical gears are not exactly helical gears, it should be said that the helical gears are two helical gears in the meshing mode, by their spatial transfer force in different directions to distinguish. The ordinary spur gear enters the meshing simultaneously along the tooth width, thus produces the impact vibration noise, the transmission is not stable. Helical cylindrical gears are better than straight teeth, and can be used for high speed overload with tight center distance. Helical Gear Reducer is a novel deceleration transmission device. The use of optimization, modular combination system advanced design concept, with small size, light weight, transfer torque, the start of a smooth, graded transmission ratio, according to user requirements for arbitrary connections and a variety of installation location options.

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