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Notices for Gear Rack Drive
Jan 08, 2019

For gear and rack transmission with starting transmission and impact load, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

1. It is better to design a modified gear, and it is a negative modified gear. Negative modification will help to improve the bending strength of the root of the tooth and the impact resistance of the gear.

2. Heat treatment hardness of tooth surface is not easy to be too hard. HRC30~HRC35 is enough. Tooth surface is too hard and will crack under impact load.

3. The quenching depth of the tooth surface is not too deep, generally 1/5m~1/10m (m: modulus). The core material should be kept tough enough to cushion the external impact load.

4. On the premise that the structure permits, the modulus m should be selected a little larger, which is particularly important for the starting transmission with impact load.

5. Design speed is not easy to be too high

6. The structure should have enough impact resistance and enough rigidity to ensure the running of gear and rack.

7. It is suggested to choose sliding bearings instead of rolling bearings. Sliding bearings have good impact resistance, but good lubrication should be ensured.

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