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POM gear or nylon gear,which is better (1)
Jan 22, 2019

POM gear has high strength and stiffness, but the heat resistance of POM plastic gear is not high. It can be used at 160 C in a short time, and can only be used between - 40 C and 100 C in a long time.

Overall, POM gear advantages:

1. High mechanical strength and rigidity;

2. Maximum fatigue strength;

3. Good environmental resistance and resistance to organic solvents.

4. Strong repetitive impact resistance;

5. Widely used temperature range (-40 ~120 C);

6. Good electrical properties;

7. Good recovery;

8. It has self-lubrication and good wear resistance.

9. Excellent dimensional stability.

POM gear shortcomings:

1. Under strong acid corrosion, the thermal decomposition temperature is close to softening temperature, and the oxygen limiting index is small.

2. Weatherability is poor

3. Poor adhesion

4. Thermal decomposition is close to softening temperature and oxygen limiting index is small.

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