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Processing technology of Spiral gear
Jul 11, 2018

The structure of helical gear tooth surface is complex, and its machining precision and meshing quality control is always a difficult problem in gear manufacturing technology. Helical Gear is one of the main parts of mechanical transmission system, and its tooth surface precision and meshing quality are the key to ensure the mechanical product efficiency, noise, transmission precision and service life. Because of the geometrical characteristics of helical gears, the meshing process and the cutting machine structure make it more complex to adjust, at the same time, the Machining tool, machine tool parameter setting, loading deformation and assembly error will cause the change of meshing, bearing and vibration performance, which makes the quality control of helical gears in design and manufacture extremely difficult. and its special use and excellent meshing performance on the tooth surface geometric accuracy and meshing quality requirements are very harsh, therefore, improve the helical gear tooth surface machining accuracy and meshing quality has been widely concerned and research by experts and scholars in the world, and become the key technology and the ultimate goal of gear manufacturing.

The machining technology of helical gear tooth surface is closely related to the forming theory and the development of machine tool, with the continuous improvement of machine tool manufacturing technology and the continuous improvement of forming theory, the machining quality of helical gears is also increasing. Overall, the development of helical gear machining and tooth surface processing technology is divided into two stages: traditional mechanical milling machine and its processing technology, modern CNC milling machine and its processing technology. The traditional machine-milling machine is complex in structure, long in transmission chain and extremely complicated. Thus, the transmission error increases, to a certain extent, reduce the precision of the machine tool, resulting in poor quality stability of the gear, in addition, the traditional machine milling machine processing adjustment complex, especially in the processing of small batches, different parameters of the wheel, the machine tool on the cutter position, Wheel position and a variety of hanging wheel devices, such as a number of adjustments, so as to obtain a better contact area, and its operator requirements high, processing cycle longer.

Gear HOB is a large spiral angle and the number of thread head is generally 1~3 teeth, teeth is very long, and can be around the hob to divide the cylindrical multiple spiral gears. When machining helical gears, the workpiece should also attach a rotational speed that matches the helical angle of the helical gear as the hob is given along the shaft of the workpiece. 、、、

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