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Production process of rack(1)
Jan 11, 2019

Production process of rack

How are racks manufactured and moulded? This article briefly introduces the manufacturing process of Kaihe KH rack in Taiwan.

1. Rack Material

At present, rack materials are mainly used in S45C medium carbon steel and SCM440 chromium-molybdenum alloy steel.

Medium carbon steel is used in many countries.

JIS Specification of Japan: S45C

American SAE Specification: 1045 Medium Carbon Steel

German DIN Specification: CK45

2. Milling four sides

Processing the original material into the size and shape we want

3. Hobbing

Hobbing according to standard pitch and profile with forming cutter

4. Dressing Length

Dressing length is to make the length of each rack uniform, smooth joining action when joining, each tooth shape when joining, there are different clearances, clearance too small rack assembly will be offset, clearance too large tooth shape will be incomplete, and not beautiful.

In order to ensure that the clearance of each tooth shape can be moderate, we use gauges to check the clearance of each rack in the manufacturing process.

5. heat treatment

High Cycle Heat Treatment (High Frequency Quenching)

High cycle wave is quenching heat treatment of steel with more than 030% carbon content through induction heating to harden the material surface. High hardness can be obtained on the surface and top of the rack after high cycle heat treatment.

The M8 rack has the possibility of hardening because of its long tooth height, so the heat treatment method is changed to medium cycle wave (also known as low frequency quenching). It is processed according to the M8 tooth shape and one tooth, so as to ensure that the machine table weight transmission will not collapse in the future.

High cycle heat treatment needs to be tempered at low temperature in order to reduce the hardness and enhance the toughness of the material.

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