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what is ring gear
Sep 18, 2018

The gear ring is heated and mounted on the outer rim of the flywheel, which is then fastened to the outer rim of the flywheel to engage with the starter gear and drive the crankshaft to rotate and start the engine.


45# or 40Cr steel

Machining process

Rough forging--testing of blanks--tempering treatment--lathe machining--hobbing--drilling--quenching treatment--high temperature tempering —---flaw detection-testing--oiled packaging


When starting the starter, the driving gear and the flywheel ring of the engine make the idling sound, for two reasons: the deformation and the gap are too large.


Because the multi-cylinder engine is often stopped in the compression force of the largest cylinder, so that each start when the flywheel gear ring is roughly the same as the impact of the site for a long time so that the tooth ring cut into the surface deformation.

In this case, the flywheel ring can be turned to an angle or before and after the rollover, under normal circumstances, if not start at one time, you must wait for the gear to return to the original stationary position before the second start.

2.Too much clearance 

The axial distance between gears and gear rings should be 2.5-5 mm. In this way, when the main circuit is connected, the starter gear and flywheel gear ring has not yet engaged in the high-speed rotation, the two will naturally come into contact with the impact of the sound, and the two can not engage, the engine can not start. In case of this fault, the electric starter solenoid switch can be used to adjust the gap between the static and dynamic contact, and the electromagnetic switch and the starter rear shell are padded, eliminating the excess clearance of the middle branch of the starter fork, replacing the sliding block or pulley with a smaller wear on the fork, and not pressing the ring to the bottom of the flywheel when mounting the gear Leave 2-3 mm gap or choose thickened gear ring method, to be excluded. In addition, the market on the starter drive gear, some of the overall length does not meet the standard, but also some irregular production of flywheel and gear ring height does not meet the standard, are prone to this phenomenon, when purchasing to pay special attention do not covet cheap and cause greater losses 

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