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Analysis Of Gear Machining Machine In China
Dec 27, 2018

Thanks to the automobile, wind power, nuclear power industry in recent years, the demand for automotive gear machining machine tools, large-spec gear machining machine tools has increased very dazzling. With the increase of the demand of gear machining machine tools, the number of enterprises involved in the manufacture of gear machining machine tools has been increasing in recent years. As we all know, gears are the most basic mechanical transmission components, a wide range of large. Gear machine tool is recognized as one of the products with the highest technical content, the most parts and the most complex structure in the machine tool industry. But once China's gear machine tool industry is in a very awkward situation. In the past, China's machine tool production enterprises in the relatively backward technology, the general lack of independent innovation capacity and key, core technology support, its products are mainly the production of low-end products, lack of competitiveness, in CNC machine tool quality stability, reliability, durability compared with foreign advanced products there is a clear gap.But China's machine tool industry has not stopped, has been in the effort, although there is a gap but the market demand is unstoppable. 

Whether it is the traditional automobile, ship, aerospace, military and other industries, or in recent years, the emerging high-speed rail, railway, electronics and other industries, have put forward urgent needs for the rapid development of the machine tool industry, which has put forward new requirements for gear machining machine tool manufacturers, and now some enterprises have moved, and actively adjust the industrial structure, Constantly expand the application of products, to the hot industry to provide high-speed, high-stability, high-precision new machine tools to meet the needs of the industry. The demand for gear machining machine tools in various industries is very large, enterprises can only seize these opportunities to a further level.

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