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Arrangement Of Machining Sequence Of Gear Shaft
Jul 11, 2018

The arrangement of machining order is based on the base surface first, coarse and Piontes, then the principle of the second time is carried out. The general parts of the gear shaft are ready for the center hole, the first processing the outer circle, processing other parts, and pay attention to coarse, finishing separately. In the machining process of gear shafts, the heat treatment is the mark, the pretreatment is rough, the quenching treatment is half finishing, and the finishing is finished after quenching. By separating the phases, the finishing process of the main surface is ensured and the main surface accuracy is not affected by the stress of other surface processes.

The following points should also be taken into consideration when arranging the sequence of gear shaft operations.

(1) The gear roughing of the shaft should be arranged after the outer circle of the gear shaft is finished with half finish machining, because as a gear shaft, tooth shape processing is the part of the processing of heavy workload, processing difficulty is also relatively large processing content, its processing position appropriate after some, can improve positioning datum positioning height, And the tooth-shaped finishing should be arranged in the parts of the outer circle and other surface after all processing, so as to eliminate the tooth shape of local quenching produced by the heat treatment deformation.

(2) The processing order of the outer circle surface should first process large diameter outer circle, then processing small diameter outer circle, lest the rigidity of the workpiece be reduced at the beginning.

(3) on the gear shaft keyway and other minor surface processing should be arranged outside the round or coarse grinding, fine grinding outside the circle before. If in front of the precision milling car keyway, on the one hand, in the front of the precision, because of intermittent cutting vibration, not only affect the processing quality and easy to damage the tool, on the other hand, the size of the keyway is difficult to guarantee. These surface processing should not be arranged after the main surface finish grinding, so as not to damage the main surface accuracy.

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