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Cutting A Spur Gear For The AL-54B Lathe
Sep 26, 2018

Started off from a big chunk of   millimeter solid brass rod so all that's  left of that  millimetres is just  what I have over here today so this is  it so that's the original finish and  what I had to do is turn it down like  this make the tip that get rid of the  finish as it comes out of it gone still  and then had to bore that exactly.

Millimeters that's the our bore sighs  what's mounted in my light so the gears  I'm making they are meant for the change  gears of the light so that's been faced  that's been turned that's been chamfered  every day so that's what the gear blank  looks like when it's not parted off from  the main piece of material other bits of  preparation of course aside from that  had to make to make a mandrel over here.

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