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High-precision Rack Design Steps
Jan 07, 2019

When designing the rack and pinion, it is necessary to select the module according to the working conditions (such as: moving load, moving speed, reaching distance). The module determines whether the rack and pinion mechanism can be qualified for work, and has sufficient strength to break the teeth.

1. Determine the module m according to the load (check the value of m in the Mechanical Design Manual)

2. Determine the index circle diameter D of the follower gear, D=m*z (where z is the number of teeth of the gear).

3. The number of teeth of the gear needs to be comprehensively considered according to the torque and structure of the load. When the torque is large, the number of the gear teeth can be selected to be larger. The diameter of the gear is larger, and the diameter can be made smaller. Remember the key formula above: D=m*z, which is an important formula.

4. After determining the index circle diameter D of the gear, the circumference of the index circle diameter can be calculated, which is assumed to be L.

5, L is the effective length of the rack, considering the operation and installation of this strip, in general, the actual length should be greater than L, the specific size is large, in the structural design can be considered.

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