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How Is The Spiral Gear Driven?
Jul 11, 2018

The Helical gear drive is the gear transmission between the staggered shafts composed of two pairs of helical gears, also known as staggered shaft helical gears.

In the helical gear transmission principle of the right figure, the tangent point of the two-point circle is used as the common plane of the two-point cylinder, and the angle of the two-wheel axes projecting on the plane is called the axis angle [Σ] when the helix angles of the two rounds are 1 and 2, [σ]|=|1|+|2|; When the helix angle of two rounds is opposite, | [Σ]|=|1|-|2|. The mating helical gear transmission has to be equal in its normal surface modulus, and if the helix angle is not equal, their end modulus is not equal. As with the cylindrical gear drive between parallel shafts, the transmission ratio is inversely proportional to the number of two teeth. Because the sliding speed between teeth is often very large, transmission efficiency is low, wear fast, two tooth surface is point contact, contact stress is large, so the load capacity is poor, life is short. Therefore, the helical gear drive is only used to transfer movement or very small power.

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