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How To Design The Gear Shaft
Jul 11, 2018

First design gear
 △ According to the movement transmission chain, determine the gear transmission ratio;
 △ According to the torque acting on the pinion, the circumference of the force on the tooth is calculated (the strength and stiffness of the radial force and the axial load calculation axis are useful);
 △ The tooth number of the reasonable pinion is determined according to the minimum cutting tooth number;
 △ Select gear material and heat treatment method;
 △ The gear modulus is calculated by the design formula of the bending fatigue strength of the tooth;
 △ The diameter of the gear is calculated by the design formula of contact fatigue strength of the tooth surface;
 △ According to the calculation, the gear modulus and the roundness diameter and the gear width are determined;
 △ Determine gear geometry parameters and dimensions (including gear modification parameters);
 △ The calibration formula of contact fatigue strength of tooth surface and contact fatigue strength of tooth surface are carried out to check and calculate the gears, if necessary, to calculate the scuffing resistance of tooth surface.
 △ Gear structure design to determine the lubrication mode of gear drive;

Gear installation method
 △ Determine the stress situation. Do you have axial force?
 △ Select the Support method.
 △ Determine the bearing structure and size.
 △ According to the Gear box structure and assembly process, design axis of the fixed structure, end cover structure.
 △ A detailed design diagram.

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