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On The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spur Gears And Helical Gears Do You Know?
Jul 11, 2018

In the classification of reducer, according to the classification of gear into spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, different reducer in the use of functions will also be different, today talk about the advantages and disadvantages of spur gears and helical gears.

The advantages and disadvantages of spur gear reducer

Advantages: Large range of transmission ratio, high efficiency, easy processing 、、、 Disadvantages: The main reason is that they will produce vibration, whether it is due to design, manufacture or deformation, in the same time along the entire tooth surface may occur some changes in the shape of the involute; This will lead to a regular, one-tooth excitation, which is often very strong. The resulting vibrations cause a large load on the gears, also caused by noise and in contact time sometimes the additional strength obtained by the meshing of two teeth can not be utilized, because the stress is limited by the condition of the meshing of the single teeth in the cycle; can only withstand radial load, can not withstand axial load, resulting in unreasonable load distribution, Reduce the overall life of the gearbox.

Advantages and disadvantages of helical gear reducer

Advantages: Helical gears used in helical gear reducer can be considered as a group of thin-tooth gear dislocation placed into cylindrical gears, so each piece of contact is in different parts of the tooth profile, resulting in compensation for each slice of the gear error, which is very effective due to the elasticity of the tooth, so that the result is obtained, The error is within 10mm of the tooth can make the error averaging, so in the case of load, can be as error 1mm inside the gear to run smoothly. Because at any instant, about half of the time (assuming a coincidence degree of about 1.5) will have two teeth meshing, which brings additional benefits in terms of strength. So the stress can be built on 1.5 times times the tooth width, not a tooth width.

Disadvantages: leads to undesirable axial force; a slight increase in manufacturing costs.

Short summary of spur gears and helical gears

1. Spur gears manufacturing and assembling a large pile of thin straight gears is both difficult and not economical, so that the system to create a integrated, gear teeth along the helix direction of the gears; 

2. Helical gears do not resemble spur gears, which can lead to undesirable axial forces. But the advantages of vibration and strength outweigh the disadvantages of axial thrust and slightly increased manufacturing costs. Therefore, in the reducer manufacturing, choose helical gears rather than spur gears.

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