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Nov 19, 2018

Pom is generally available in the following models:

pom-c/h: It represents Pom copolymer and pom aggregates respectively, and the POM copolymer has low melting point, thermal stability, chemical corrosion resistance, flow characteristics, hydrolysis resistance, strong alkali resistance and thermal oxidation degradation, and better processability than Polyformaldehyde. Pom  has high crystallinity, creep degeneration, lower thermal expansion rate, wear resistance, mechanical strength, rigidity, thermal deformation temperature and so on, and better than copolymer formaldehyde.

(pom-c copolymers are commonly used in POM semi-finished products on the market)

    POM-H+PTFE (Dark brown):

Pom+ptfe It is extruded with DuPont Pom (DELRIN) raw materials plus PTFE (Teflon) fibers. It retains most of the inherent strength of the pom-h. Due to the addition of PTFE (Teflon) fiber and some performance changes, slightly soft, small rigidity, more slippery than pure polyformaldehyde resin. Compared with pure pom plate, this kind of material has better lubrication. Bearings made with POM-H+PTFE have medium friction coefficient, wear resistance, and basic no creep phenomenon

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