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POM Materia Of Plastic Gear
Nov 01, 2018

Pom materials(polyoxymethylene), one of the synthetic resins, also known as POM resin, pom plastic, race steel, etc. is a white or black plastic particles, with high hardness, high steel, high wear-resistant properties. Mainly used in gears, bearings, automotive parts, machine tools, instrumentation, toys, such as the skeleton of the product.


  (1) Pom is crystalline plastic, density of 1.42g/cm3, its steel is very good, commonly known as "race steel."

  (2) It has excellent performance, such as fatigue resistance, creep resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and impact, and the friction coefficient is small, self-lubricating property is good. 

       (3) Pom is not easy to moisture absorption, water absorption rate of 0.22~0.25%, in the humid environment of good dimensional stability, the shrinkage rate of 2.1% (larger), the size of injection molding is more difficult to control, the thermal deformation temperature of 172 ℃, POM has two kinds of pom, the performance is different (poly formaldehyde temperature resistance is a bit better).

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