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The Advantage Of Rail Rack For Heavy Duty Appliances
Jan 08, 2019

The robot using the seventh axis of the heavy-duty flat-rail rack can achieve a reduction in manufacturing cost by continuous unmanned operation for a long period of time, thereby achieving quality stabilization by robotization.

The robot's heavy-duty roller guide rack and pinion travel shaft handling system robot is equipped with a 7-axis ground mounted heavy-duty roller guide rack, and the traveling roller flat guide rack is used for workpiece transfer. The running speed is fast, the payload is large, and the utility model is effectively expanded. The range of motion of the robot makes the system highly efficient.

The robotic rail rack system is a robotic travel shaft unit that can be used in a variety of applications.

With a variety of advantages:

First, the heavy-duty roller guide rack can adjust the effective stroke according to the actual needs (customized);

Second, the motion is directly controlled by the robot and does not require an additional control system;

Third, its protective performance is good, and it can be applied to industries such as spot welding, rubber coating and handling;

The fourth is using servo motor control, through the precision reducer, heavy-duty roller guide rack transmission to get high repeatability.

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