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The Popular Science Of Bevel Gears
Jul 11, 2018

Because the tooth is distributed on the cone surface, the tooth shape is gradually contracted from the big end to the small one, and the tooth thickness and the tooth height are gradually changing along the direction of the cone element line, so the modulus and diameter also change. In order to facilitate the design and manufacture, the provisions of the big-endian, the tooth top high ha, the tooth root high hf, the roundness diameter d, the tooth top circle diameter da and the tooth root circle diameter df All are measured in the big part, and takes the large terminal modulus as the standard Touch number (gb/t12368-1990), takes it as the basic parameter which calculates each part dimension of the bevel gear. The big-angle back cone line is perpendicular to the fractal cone line. The angle between the tapered gear axis and the fractal cone line is called the Fractal cone angle, which is another basic parameter of the bevel gear.

Helical bevel gears are widely used in the fields of automobile, aviation and mine, because of their large overlap coefficient, strong bearing capacity, high transmission ratio, smooth drive and small noise. Helical bevel gears are divided into two kinds, one is spiral bevel gear, and its large wheel axis and small wheel axis intersect; one is quasi-hyperbolic helical bevel gear, and its large wheel axis and small wheel axis have certain offset distance. At present, the production of spiral bevel gears world Class Company is mainly in the United States of the U.S. and the Swiss company of Austria. The helical bevel gears of Gleason Gear are widely used in our country at present. Because of its meshing principle and its complexity, China has organized a large number of human and material resources for helical bevel gears in the 70 's, and the famous scholars in this field are Zeng, Tang Jinyuan, Fangzongde, Wu Xetang, Wang and so on.

In the bevel gear, according to the tooth length direction, there are spur gears and curved gears. The tooth length contour and the joint cone are straight line for the straight bevel gear, if it is a curve, it is called curvilinear gear. At present, helical bevel gears should be synonymous with curved bevel gears. According to the curve of the different spiral bevel gears currently there are three kinds, belong to different companies. The United States of America has designed hypoid gears (including arc bevel gears), the extended outer cycloidal gear of Swiss Ogilvy Company and the Klingelnberg involute gears in Germany.

In short, the Japanese and American cars are equipped with Gleason gear such as Buick, TOYOTA. The European car system such as Benz, BMW and Audi are the use of the Austrian gear.

Spiral Bevel gear is a stable transmission speed, low noise transmission parts, in different regions have different names, also known as spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, arc bevel gears, helical bevel gears. Spiral Bevel gear transmission efficiency is high, the transmission ratio is stable, the arc overlapping coefficient is big, the bearing capacity is high, the transmission is smooth smoothly, the work is reliable, the structure is compact, the energy saving material, saves the space, bears the abrasion, the life long, the noise is small. In all kinds of mechanical transmission, the transmission efficiency of spiral bevel gears is the highest, which has great economic benefit to all kinds of transmission, especially high-power transmission. Transmission of the same torque requires the most provincial space, than the belt, chain drive required space size small; helical bevel gear transmission than permanent stability. The stability of transmission ratio is often the basic requirement of transmission performance in the transmission of all kinds of mechanical equipments, and the helical bevel gears are reliable and have long life.

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