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What Are The Common Problems With Helical Gears?
Jul 11, 2018

1. Common problems of helical gear reducer and its causes:

A. Heat and oil leakage of the reducer;

B. worm wear;

C. wear of transmission helical gear;

D. worm bearing is damaged.

2. Solutions to common problems of bevel gear reducer

(1) ensure assembly quality

Professional tools are necessary to ensure assembly quality. The original factory accessories are generally the best choice to disassemble and replace parts. When one of the correct parts is damaged, the principle of pair replacement is generally adhered to. When assembling the output shaft, attention should be paid to tolerance coordination: hollow shaft is also an important object to be protected. If there is wear and rust or surface scaling, it will affect the disassembly in future maintenance.

(2) selection of lubricating oil and additives

The purpose of lubricating oil and additives is to protect the reducer by attaching a layer of oil film to the surface when the reducer stops moving. When frequently started, the oil film protection can extend the life of the machine, and protect the machine to run at high speed and heavy load. The use of additives can also effectively prevent oil leakage, make the sealing ring longer mission, keep soft and elastic. The helical gear. The lubricating oil of worm and worm reducer is generally 220# gear oil, and the additive is usually used in the case of bad environment, such as large load and instability caused by frequent start-up.

(3) selection of decelerator installation location

Avoid vertical installation where possible. Vertical installation will cause oil leakage and other adverse conditions.

(4) establish lubricating maintenance system

The "five definite principles" is the lubrication maintenance system. First of all, regular inspection by the appointed person to achieve a clear division of responsibilities; Then there is strict control over the temperature. Generally, the temperature is not more than 40 degrees, and the temperature of oil is not more than 80 degrees. The quantity of oil should be strictly checked so that the reducer can be properly lubricated. When the quality of oil drops or there is noise, it should stop using immediately and do a good repair

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