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What Are The Specific Steps To Design The Gear Rack?
Jul 11, 2018

In the design of gear rack, first of all, according to the operating conditions (such as: mobile load, moving speed, arrival distance) to select modulus, modulus determines whether the gear rack mechanism can be competent to work, has enough strength not to break teeth.

1, according to the load to determine modulus m

2. Determine the d,d=m*z diameter of the gear of the follower (in the type, Z is the number of teeth) 

3. the number of teeth in the gear need to be based on the load of torque, structure to consider synthetically, the torque is large, the number of teeth can be selected, so the gear diameter is larger, on the contrary can be done smaller diameter.

Remember the key formula above: D=m*z, this is an important formula

4. determine the gear of the Division circle diameter D, you can calculate the circumference of the diameter of the division circle, the assumption is L 5, L is the effective length of the rack, considering the operation and installation of this article, the general, the actual length should be greater than L, the specific size, in the structural design considerations on it.

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