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Why Not Recommend 3D Print Plastic Gears?
Jan 28, 2019

Many people know that 3D printing is the future trend, such as 3D printer robot, 3D printing house, 3D printing spare parts and so on. These are familiar to everyone. 3D printer appeared in the mid 1950s. In fact, it is a rapid prototyping device using light curing and paper lamination technology. It works on the same principle as ordinary printers. Printers are equipped with "printing materials" such as liquid or powder. After connecting with computers, the "printing materials" are superimposed layer by layer through computer control, and finally the blueprints on computers are turned into physical objects. This printing technology is called 3D stereo printing technology. Compared with the traditional die industry, 3D printing is faster to make samples, but it can not produce in batches quickly. Moreover, there are some shortcomings in materials and the cost is relatively high. Whether 3D printing will replace the traditional die in the future is still unknown.

Let's first talk about why plastic gears are not recommended for 3D proofing.

1. The precision requirement of plastic gears is relatively high, and the requirement of 3D printing accuracy can not be reached for the time being.

2. The gear printed in 3D has brittle material. It can not bear too much load when it rotates at high speed with the motor, and it may not move.

In general. 3D printing gives people a lot of convenience, rapid prototyping, this is not beyond doubt.

Any product should be functional, but now due to material constraints and other factors, products produced by 3D printing need to be a question mark in practicality.

1. Strength problem: Although houses and cars can "print" out, can they withstand the storm and run smoothly on the road?

2. Accuracy: Because of the step effect in layered manufacturing, each layer is very thin, but at a certain micro-scale, it will still form a certain thickness. If the surface of the object to be manufactured is circular arc, the accuracy deviation will be caused.

This is why plastic gears do not recommend 3D proofing, but I believe that in the future, 3D printing is a trend.

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